At K9 Kompanion Training Company, we offer a variety of different programs for obedience and/or aggression. Basic Training begins with proper crate training, food regiments, and off leash reliability. The following lists address the most common issues we receive from dog owners, but do not limit our capabilities to personalize programs for you and your dog’s needs. We are focused on providing you with a safe program that can be completed to give you a family dog and Kompanion you can count on.


We cover the following obedience commands:
Hand Signals
We also eliminate behavioral issues, such as:
Dog aggression
Human Aggression
Food / Resource Guarding
Seperation Anxiety
Fear anxiety
Reactivity On-Leash(Barking,Lunging)

K9 Kompanion Courses

-Basic, and Advanced Off-Leash Obedience-
-Behavior Modification-
-Puppy 101-

Start with In home visits then graduate to off site training
We offer an in-home weekly or bi-weekly training program. Our expert trainer, Tiffany, or one of our head trainers will come to your home for hourly sessions to accompany you with our hands on training. This will cover our obedience commands and/or behavior modification and the appropriate use of Prong and E-collars. You will be given a homework program to further your dog’s training in between sessions. This program is accompanied by our personal pack members, when your dog is ready for them to join. Once your dog graduates the basic training, they are eligible to move onto off leash and off site training for a fully off leash trained dog.

In Home Session Pricing
$140.00/hour respectively*
Travel out of state is an additional fee.
This excludes the price of training tools which is billed prior to your reservation.

Sneak Peak into what our Obedience looks like!

K9 Kompanion Train Programs

Train Program. Depending on the severity of each case, your dog will work with us for a certain amount of time (1-4 weeks) where Tiffany and the team will train your dog.Upon completion of the program, your family will then be given a mandatory homework program along with how to videos for refreshers. The videos will serve to remind you how your dog was trained, and walk you through the necessary steps to maintain their graduated training level. This program also includes 3 in-home follow up sessions with us, which typically no one ever needs to use!

Train Pricing
$1,000 (one week) $2,000 (two weeks) $3,000 (three weeks) $4,000 (four weeks)
It is mandatory that all reactive and aggressive dogs work with us a MINIMUM of two weeks.
This pricing excludes the cost of training tools which is billed prior to your reservation.

*Animal Rescue discounts available*

Transitioning into Home Services

Price varies by need, ranging from 25.00/hour-140/hour) For help getting your canine adjusted appropriately for when a new baby comes home, or for an owner coming home from the hospital after surgery, taking care of the dog or dogs and helping owners get situated safely around their canines daily without compromising their surgery.

Get Your Dog Certified!

Certifications we are able to conduct:

-Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
-Community Canine (Advanced CGC level)
-A.K.C. Puppy STAR

K9 Kompanionship

(Socialized or Unsocialized per your request)

$55.00- Small dogs
$65.00- Large dogs
$85.00- Behavioral dogs
Pricing is based on height of dog, not weight, in some cases

Play Group

(Socialized and learning to be social pups welcome)

$45.00 a day

Social Hour / Pack Walking

$80.00 an hour / 45 for potty break socials

Phone Consultation Training

(Schedule a phone call with the owner!)
This is where you can chat one-on-one about your specific issues at hand. In this time, we will address and assess your situation, and coach you on specific strategies to work with and implement into life with your dog.

$75.00 an hour
$50.00 per 1/2 hour or $20.00 for 20 minutes

Some socialization fun!


Cancellation Policy:  We require a 48 hour notice for cancellation of in home training visits. We require a 60 day notice for cancellation of any other training program, or cancellation fee applies. For any clients invoices are sent to, payment is due within 15 days from the invoice date. For every additional 15 days past due, we apply a 20.00 late fee.
This gives us the opportunity to assist with another dog that may be in urgent training need!
Thank you for your cooperation.