Double Sided Coin of Affection

Affection is more for humans than it is for dogs, some dogs enjoy it, but too much is just that, too much. If you make your dog feel like you lean on them for everything, they will never truly view you as the leader. Everything is about keeping a happy balance. A few examples; When your dog is scared, and you pet them and tell them its okay, your not actually consoling them. They don’t understand what you are saying-All they can read is your tone of voice, and to them it translates to “Its good to be scared like this” The BEST thing you can do for them when they are scared is ignore them, and give them structure in a neutral voice. No petting, no baby voices. Another prime example, you have a rough week, you coddle you’re dog instead of giving them structure first. To them, that translates to weak behavior and that you need them, which eventually builds into a big bad protective and/or insecure dog. Then you’re taking it personally, maybe even asking yourself why he or she would do this to you by acting like this, barking and lunging at people and dogs. What you may not realize is you actually taught your dog to feel this way. All those days of leaning on them, eventually piled up. Your dog now thinks that the world is on their shoulders, and that is a heavy burden for them folks. You’re job is to teach them how to be a companion, but also guide them and give them the structure they need to learn you are the leader, and not them. Give your dog affection still of course, but again, make it a 50/50 rule. 50 percent structure, 50 percent affection. Never more affection than structure. Once you master this, you can look forward to a beautiful and more enjoyable life with your pup.