Hello world! So Who are you to your dog anyway?

11182235_10205884026875444_5264858787509362900_n-3I’ve finally gotten around to getting a blog up for all of you. Sorry for the delay! 🙂

One of the things I get asked quite often is “How do you get that many dogs to behave like that, I can’t even get my dog to sit for a picture?!” It seems like it would be a great deal of hard work doesn’t it? I’m here to tell you it’s not…

It really is all about who you are to your dog. It’s all about the little things you do daily, the routine you set, and the expectations you hold your dog too. Think of it like this…Your boss gave you a project to get done and you weren’t really a fan of it, so you slacked off a bit and didn’t give it your best. You presented the finished project, and your boss gave you a raving review. Maybe even bought you lunch that day. You may be a little perplexed because you know it wasn’t your best work, but your like hey, if he accepts that then I’m just going to keep putting in only that much effort for every project.

The same thing goes for our dogs. You tell them to sit, with no motivator, no tool to back you up, you try saying it a few times and yell a bit even. The dog finally sits…for three or four seconds, and once he gets his treat or praise from you, hes off and running!!!! That is the standard you have held him too, so that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Every single time.

So the response I have to that question is this. It’s all about standards. Every dog that comes through K9 Kompanion, learns the same routine, and no one gets a break. No one gets to go ‘off and running’ that easy! They are all happy too, not miserable, anxious, and unhappy dogs. They are happy ones, confident in my abilities to keep them safe, and has a clear understanding of whats expected of them every day! No nonsense 🙂

Hope that helps you all out a bit! Happy Training!

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