Raise Your Expectations & Watch Your Dog Soar Up to Them!

img_2905Raise Your Expectations & Watch Your Dog Soar Up to Them!

If you want more from your dog, expect more from your dog! It really is just that simple.

A lot of folks ask why they can’t rely on their pup for certain behaviors or in and around certain situations. It is all about standards.

That’s why repetition is just as important as consistency in our program here. The more you practice something the more it becomes routine, and in routine comes comfort and safety for the dogs. That’s why we are able to manage such a large pack at such a high level with just a few tools in our “tool box.”

The dogs know exactly whats expected of them day in and day out, so we barely have to ask for anything from them after a while. It’s hard work in the beginning, and it may seem like a lot for some folks, but the hard work does pay off in the end. So just keep holding your dog to that higher standard every day! Watch your dog soar in as little as even two weeks!

Be careful what you expose them too…monitor how much freedom and adrenaline levels you are letting them experience for free, and match that with how much structure you are or are not giving them as well.

It’s all about a happy balance, so if you ask a lot from your dog then give a lot. If you ask less from your dog, give less.

Happy Training!

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