Pure Positive Training and why it’s an issue

First let me start by saying, I have the utmost respect for every person in the dog world. We need as many dog and animal advocates as possible at our disposal in this world full of neglect and abuse. Its beneficial to all parties to collaborate and work together!

With that being said, It is NOT beneficial when pure positive trainers recommend a dog be put down. They should be saying, “This area of training is not in my expertise, let me refer you to a trainer who may be able to provide you with further assistance.”

And so the saga continues…

I meet owners and dogs all the time, who have worked with various trainers who have not been able to help them with their needs, or have simply said your dog should be put to sleep. It’s heart wrenching, because majority of the dogs we meet that is just simply not the case.

Before everyone begins to think I am saying food and positive methods don’t work. That is not what I am suggesting. They surely do! With the right case of course. A dog who is 8 years old, that has been pulling you down the street for its whole life or barking at strangers and all that jazz, surely food will not be enough all in itself.

Corrections in training is meant to teach a consequence to a dog that normally doesn’t view a verbal correction as enough. This does not mean every dog needs these types of corrections. Although to have a seamless follow through and a dog that you can rely on to behave in high distraction environments, this is what changes behavior. Permanently.

We are surrounded by pure positive trainers who bash trainers who use any type of corrections with training and that is fine. Let me just say to all of you wondering which way is right. Do your research. Are those trainers providing life changing permanent results? Or temporary “Lets hope this works during high distraction” results. What we also have to remember here is that vets are trained for dogs health care. That is it. They do not qualify to effectively diagnose dog behavior. When you find a medicine that has actually helped aide in dog reactivity or behavior. Let us know!

We love dogs here, and that is apparent. What we want for our clients is what we have with our dogs. Reliability.

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