Can you walk your dog in public safely?


I think many of us can sympathize to the fact that walking your dog down the street in a calm fashion may not be a reality for some folks.

It’s not an easy task for so many…Not only does their dog maybe pull them on the leash, sniff everything, stop to mark everything, but even barking, growling, lunging at the end of the leash, and sometimes even dogs that don’t want to walk at all!


Imagine living like that…day in and day out. Dreading taking your dog for a walk. Your dog that you enjoy a nice calm walk with everyday…may feel like a real life nightmare for some. My message to all of you that can walk your dog normally on a leash is not to judge or be afraid of the dogs and owners that struggle, understand that they are going through something that is not easy, and not by choice (a known choice, rather). Believe me I’m sure they want to change it and may not know of the tools to do so…

And of course some of you are probably saying, that’s me! That’s me! Now how do I fix it?! It’s not just an easy fix, it’s not one, two, three, abra cadabra. But IT IS a bunch of small steps, consistency, clear communication, and appropriate consequences with our program that get’s you the amazing walk that you want with your dog…and the good news is, it doesn’t take long at all!

If you really want to change your dogs behavior (and I’m talking even beyond the walk here guys) Then commit to the tools and the needs that actually help your dog be a better dog! If you’re “saving your dog” from tools that you may not agree with or you just “can’t commit” Then your not doing your dog any favors, you’re doing more harm to you’re dog because your dog is always living in an uncomfortable space. So take a step back folks, and look at the bigger picture. Take advantage of the tools and the systems that are out there that can do that! The only thing stopping your dog from getting better may just be you!

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