How Your Fears Stop You And Your Dog

Fear. It can either help you or consume you when it comes to your dogs reactivity issues and whether they grow or not.

I have personal experience with how hard it is to face your own dogs issues, and take responsibility for them. So I’m not preaching from a place that isn’t full of heart and emotion.

I used to think with one of my pack mates “Well I didn’t make him reactive, he came to me this way.” Just to help what I thought would release the burden for me…That was the easy way out folks. (It’s so much harder when it’s your own dog, I know) Just like it’s the easy way out to feel bad for correcting them, giving them structure and rules more than affection.

Structure, rules, appropriate corrections and boundaries can be what makes or breaks your life with your dog. Shower them in affection and you get a dependent, and very lost and insecure dog. Shower them with the correct tools and boundaries and you get a confident dog that looks to you for more than just food and shelter.

I will be the first to tell you this is a lot easier said than done! It takes an immense amount of looking in the mirror to realize you are truly doing your dog a disservice by letting them co exist in an unhealthy way for any amount of time.

I’m not saying you don’t love you’re dog, of course you do! You can love them even more by trying to give them and yourself a better life. It takes a whole lot of courage and strength to work through your fears when you have a reactive dog. But life can be so much more beautiful for you both if you do! Of course there will be trial and error, and lots of it. This is not forever though. It’s forever if you let it be that way for too long.

We see so many dogs daily and weekly, yearly even and we meet owners that thrive and owners that just can’t do the mental work it takes, so they just live.


We want you and you’re dog to succeed, in every aspect of life. So lets strive to be the best owners that we can be! So our dogs can be the best dogs they can be!

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